What are Scallops?


Scallops are bi-valve shellfish that are common throughout all the oceans of the world and are prized for their delicious meat. We collect the King scallop species which is found in British waters being renowned for their large size and high quality meat. The meat of the scallop consists of the muscle which connects the two halves of the shell and enables it to open and close., it has a very soft texture and a highly rated taste. The roe which is the reproductive element of the scallop is also edible and also a popular ingredient.

Scallops filter feed, they use an organ known as the frill to separate edible matter out of the water, this frill along with the stomach are inedble and should not be eaten.

We supply scallops within the shell in addition to scallops that have been removed from their shells and are supplied ready to cook.

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