Why we dive for scallops?

Scallops are a simple yet fantastic shellfish that are highly prized for their delicious tender meat which has been a favourite in the sea food world for years. Unfortunately, the traditional method of collecting them for most of these years is dredging which involves dragging heavy spikes and chain bags across miles of the sea bed, pulling up anything it finds and leaving mass destruction in it's wake. This damage, masked by the waves, will sadly go unnoticed but we believe in a environmentally friendly and sustainable method. 

Diving for scallops is not easy work, but it is the only method that completely eliminates bycatch and damage to the environment. Our  small team of local divers hand collect King Scallops from local seas meaning we are able to pick up only the adult scallops and leave the smaller ones in the water where they belong. This works well for ensuring only the best quality scallops are sent out to customers and encouraging the natural growth of stock. We only take what we need and leave nothing but bubbles! 


We believe in being environmentally responsible whilst still providing the best quality produce at good prices. If you share any of our beliefs, or just our love of delicious King Scallops - why not give your local sustainable shellfish a try?

Choose sustainable, eat  local.


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